Lola Panda and FunTable starting global partnership for joyful learning

Great news for kindergarten and school children all around the world from the Nordic countries regarding joyful learning: Finnish pre-school e-learning app brand Lola Panda is partnering with the Swedish company Manico AB and their flagship product, the FunTable giant tablet.

Lola Panda learning apps have already been localized in 14 languages and have 20 million happy young users around the world. With the FunTable interactive desktop, kids can work together and solve Lola Panda’s learning tasks. Finnish teaching has often been evaluated as being the best in the world, and together with the interactive FunTable, this will be the best possible combination of Nordic learning tools to help children’s learning around the world.

“Language is a gateway to learning, so it is really rewarding to see children around the world learning to read and write with FunTable,” says Carl Lindgren, CEO of Manico AB. “It is always nice to see how much kids love FunTable and how they gravitate towards it as soon as they see it.”

“Manico FunTable is just like a touchpad, but bigger and better. Kids can simultaneously point, touch, click, drag objects, draw, play, and do their homework, school projects, and so on. It’s mobile enough to be placed wherever you want, but stable and sturdy enough to survive playtime,” says Lindgren.

Every FunTable will have Lola’s Learning Pack PRO, with ten of the best Lola Panda learning apps, pre-installed. The apps are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8 and they teach them to read, count, and develop logical thinking. The learning content has been designed in collaboration with universities based on the learning results of millions of Lola Panda customers. The learning pack allows you to create an unlimited number of profiles, which means that any number of children can use the same device and learn at their own pace. The reading and math apps also include a learning progress button, which can be used to monitor progress in different learning areas.

“This partnership is really important for Lola Panda because with FunTable, we can help children to learn and help build their positive self-image all around the world,” says Lola Panda’s CEO, Jussi-Pekka Koskiranta.

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Lola Panda's Kids' Math Pack

March 2nd 2015 - Lola Panda's Kids' Math Pack, for 4 to 8 year olds.

Lola Panda's Kids' Math Pack includes three fun Lola Panda™ games for 4 to 8 year olds. These guide children through different aspects of basic math and logical thinking.

Lola Panda's Math Train 2 has a little more challenging math tasks than the old favorite Lola's Math Train.

Lola’s Math Ship teaches basic arithmetic for kids but the pace picks up as they learn more. Fun surprises along the way are included.

Lola's Fruity Sudoku develops children’s logical thinking

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Lola's World in US Top Kids Games

February 27th 2015 - Lola's World is in the top of App Store's FREE "Kids 5 & Under" category.

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Lola's Big Preschool Bundle

February 18th 2015 - Lola's Big Preschool Bundle: basic math and ABCs.

Lola's Big Preschool Bundle includes two great Lola Panda™ learning apps for less. Lola's World, our biggest and most comprehensive application to date, and an all-time favorite, Lola's ABC Party, will provide ages 3-5 many hours of educational fun. These apps teach the basics of math and literacy in a fun way.

For not much more than Lola's World alone! (in English and Finnish only)

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Lola's World - Season Discount

December 22th 2014 - The second phase of the December update is now live on App Store. Price of the 12 Month Subscription to the full version is reduced by 33%:  12 months for the price of 5!   Offer ends in January.

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Balefire Labs "Top Rated" badge for Lola's Math Ship

December 15th 2014 - A few days ago, we got a surprise: the good people at Balefire Labs had evaluated Lola's Math Ship - which isn't exactly a new game any more. They thought it is still good enough to receive their "Top Rated" badge!

Lola's World receives Mom’s Choice Award

December 9th 2014 - The Mom’s Choice Awards® has named Lola's World as among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. The MCA evaluation process uses a propriety methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost.

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Lola's World - in Holiday Season style

December 4th 2014 - Lola's World December Update.

Our December update brings lots of fun and new educational content. Explore the wardrobe and toy box and get exciting surprises to play with. Enjoy the season in style with great holiday themes and snow coming to Lola's World.

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Black Friday Deal: Lola's Preschool Package 2

Until Monday

November 28th 2014 - To celebrate the Holiday Season, Lola's Preschool Package 2 gets a healthy discount from Friday November 28th to Monday December 1st.

The tasks in Lola's Preschool Package 2 are designed for 4 to 8 year old kids. You can play Lola's apps in many languages. Try learning the alphabet in Danish or doing math tasks in French. Great fun!

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Lola's World - All open Pre-K version

November 21st 2014 - Lola's World is also available as an "All open Pre-K version".

It is the same app as ‘regular’ Lola’s World, except with a different purchasing method. The one-time payment is better suited for kindergartens and others who do not want in-app subscriptions.

DISCOUNT for Educational Institutions can be applied to this app.

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Lola’s World Launched for iPad and iPhone

November 5th 2014 - Lola Panda® Discovers a Whole New World... The Lola’s World App is Launched for iPad and iPhone - in English and Finnish, for starters.

Lola Panda® is looking to expand her world, as well as young kids’ minds. Lola's World is a fun and engaging way to improve school readiness for children, ages three to five years old.

Lola’s World is free to download and there is no limit to the free use. However, parents looking for premium features or more challenging tasks can choose to subscribe to the monthly service. The subscription service brings new content every month, ensuring that children will enjoy new and exciting challenges and fun features regularly.

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Lola's bundles for iPad and iPhone

October 22nd 2014 - Lola's games are also available as "bundles", for iPad and iPhone. When you buy a game package, you pay less, compared with buying the same games individually.

Available now:

Lola's Preschool Package 1 in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Korean:
Four must-have games for learning at its best, for ages 3-6!

Lola's Preschool Package 1 in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, and English:

Lola's Preschool Package 2 with a little more challenging tasks for 4 to 8 year old kids:


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