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Lola’s ABC Party

Lola’s ABC Party provides hours of fun learning with Lola and her friends! Players begin by learning vowels and move on to master reading, writing and word recognition with Lola. All children are invited to Lola’s Party!

"The Lola's ABC Party app is a great way to help your preschooler learn their alphabet!"

Learning the alphabet is fun on Lola’s ABC Party! This educational game teaches the alphabet to children while they are preparing for a party! Throwing a party is something that every kid enjoys, and Lola Panda™ offers kids lots of tasks to choose from.

Children can decorate the party venue with balloons, or make their own ice cream creations. They also get to decorate the cake, and in the end, party with Lola and her friends! This game encourages the learning progress by rewarding children with fun surprises when they achieve success, which engages them in the learning process. The fun they’re having motivates them to continue, and to learn even more!

The free version of Lola's ABC Party gets you started with the easiest tasks.

Lola's ABC Party (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Key Features:

- Educational game: teaching ABCs to children ages 3-6

- Meaningful learning: Upper and lower case letters, word recognition and construction

- Customized to the child’s learning pace

- Easy to understand spoken instructions

- No in-app purchases or third party advertising

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