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Lola's Beach Puzzle

Come and help Lola Panda to solve fun beach puzzles! Specifically designed for 3-8 year olds, Lola's Beach Puzzle is the game to improve your children's cognitive thinking and motor skills.

Lola's Beach Puzzle is a colorful beach themed puzzle game with Lola Panda. Lola is having a trip to the beach together with her brother Leo and on the beach they need to solve plenty of exciting puzzles. Player's task is to drag the puzzle pieces into their correct places to complete the pictures.

Key Features:

- Dozens of shape puzzles on 3 difficulty levels

- Colorful and lively graphics and interactive animations

- Easy-to-use child friendly design

- Voice guidance throughout the game (available in 10 languages.)

Lola's Beach Puzzle is available as FREE trial versions for iPad, iPhone, and Android. The free versions contain the easiest level of the game.

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