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Lola's Alphabet Train

All aboard the Alphabet Train! One of the top-selling kids’ letter games.

Lola’s Alphabet Train is perfect for children aged 3 to 8: it is an easy, fun way to learn letters and spelling. As your children's skills improve, the games get more challenging, but still manage to be fun and engaging!

Children stay motivated by winning rewards as they progress through the game and the unique storyline keeps them involved and having fun right up until the end.

Multiple languages

The game comes with a dozen languages, so it also offers the opportunity to learn foreign languages.

MAC/Mobile Versions Not Rated by the ESRB

Key Features:

- A variety of alphabet games with Lola Panda

- Difficulty level adjusts automatically, to suit the child's skills

- Upper and lower case letters

- Easy-to-use game design

Lola's Alphabet Train is available as FREE trial versions for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android. The free versions contain the easiest level of the game.

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