Lola's bundles for iPad and iPhone

When you buy a game package, you pay less, compared with buying the same games individually.

Lola's Preschool Package 1

Two versions depending on your location. See the flags:

LOLA'S MATH TRAIN:Establish fundamental skills such as adding, subtracting and puzzle solving in a kid-friendly way.

LOLA'S ALPHABET TRAIN: All aboard the alphabet train to master letters and word formation.

I SPY WITH LOLA: I spy something... fun! I Spy with Lola is a great way to build vocabulary and word recognition.

LOLA'S BEACH PUZZLE: Build cognitive thinking with colorful puzzles.

Lola's Preschool Package 2

Contains tasks for 4 to 8 year old kids.

LOLA'S ABC PARTY: ABCs and much more! Children master letter recognition and usage at their pace and then get to celebrate their success by throwing a party with Lola.

LOLA PANDA'S MATH TRAIN 2: Tasks gradually develop as your child learns, building to more challenging calculations and number sequencing at their individual pace.

LOLA'S ABC PARTY 2: It’s party time again with Lola! Children are pleasantly challenged with word recognition and spelling, developing their essential reading and writing skills.

LOLA'S MATH SHIP: Basic arithmetic for kids – but the pace of the game keeps picking up when you get it right. Tasks progress from number recognition to multiplication and division.

Lola Panda's Kids' Math Pack

Lola Panda's Kids' Math Pack includes three fun Lola Panda™ games for 4 to 8 year olds.

LOLA PANDA'S MATH TRAIN 2 has a little more challenging math tasks than the old favorite Lola's Math Train. Difficulty varies automatically from addition to multiplication.

LOLA'S MATH SHIP teaches basic arithmetic for kids but the pace picks up as they learn more. Fun surprises along the way are included.

LOLA'S FRUITY SUDOKU develops children’s logical thinking.

Available for iPad and iPhone:

Lola's Big Preschool Bundle

Basic math and ABCs.

Lola's Big Preschool Bundle includes two great Lola Panda™ learning apps for less. Lola's World, our biggest and most comprehensive application to date, and an all-time favorite, Lola's ABC Party, will provide ages 3-5 many hours of educational fun. These apps teach the basics of math and literacy in a fun way.

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